1. Diamond Jewelry will be exchanged at 100% of Purchase Price and returned at 80% of the Purchase Price.

  2. Gold Jewellery shall be exchanged or returned at its current value i.e., gold weight multiplied by the gold rate. There shall be no additional charges or reimbursements unless the product is tampered or damaged.

  3. Polki Jewelry shall be exchanged and returned at 80% of the purchase value if returned in good condition without any signs of wear and tear or damage. If damaged, it shall be re-evaluated by Sant Ram's.

  4. Strings (Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds etc.) shall have 80% exchange and return value if they are exchanged or returned in good condition without any signs of wear and tear or damage. If jewelry does have signs of damage, it shall be re-evaluated.

  5. All payments made by cards shall incur a 2% deduction if the article is exchanged or returned.

  6. Certified solitaires returned or exchanged without the certificate shall undergo a Rs. 5000/- per carat deduction. Certified Diamond Jewellery returned or exchanged without the certificate shall undergo a Rs. 1,000/ per carat deduction.

  7. All items sold by Sant Ram's are accompanied by a bill and a certificate. All returns and exchanges are conducted on presenting the bill. Goods cannot be exchanged or returned without a valid bill.

  8. Products with visible and/or reasonable manufacturing defects are returnable and exchangeable without deductions within 1 week of the regular policy procedure. These products must be accompanied with a bill and a certificate (if given) else they will incur deductions.

  9. To receive full benefits of the return policy, the products returned should be in pristine condition with no tangible signs of wear and tear. Products are weighed in front of the customer on purchase) and any significant difference in gross weight (on return/exchange) shall be deducted on gold value. Customers should note that the gross weight of the product is also mentioned on the certificate and the bill for their reference

  10. If any Diamonds, Coloured Stones, Polki or any other constituents are missing, broken or damaged, the jewelry shall have to be re-appraised.

  11. Estimates given for new orders for diamond jewelry may vary by +/- 10% - 20%

  12. Orders shall not be put into production without any initial advance of 50% against the estimate. Customers should note that order estimates are, in fact, estimates and are subject to variation. However, customer consent is mandatory before any changes take place.

  13. This policy is an initiative of the marketing department at Sant Ram's with enhanced emphasis on customer satisfaction and trust. Integrity is our forte; if any point in this policy seems questionable to you, our patrons, please feel free to contact us.

  14. The management of Sant Ram's reserves the rights to change any of the terms and conditions mentioned above without any prior notice or consent and without giving any reason for the same.

  15. All disputes are subject to Chandigarh Jurisdiction.

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