Red Carpet Jewellery – Highpoints of 2022
Red Carpet Jewellery – Highpoints of 2022

Red Carpet Jewellery – Highpoints of 2022

Think iconic fashion; think Cannes! The opulent film festival is attended by the big names in the international film industry and has come to be recognised as the epitome of exquisite fashion.

The fashion at Cannes dictates the trends and styles throughout the year. It explains why Cannes is perhaps the most decorated and photographed event of the year.

If you wish for your jewellery collection to exude class and luxury, here are a few Cannes-inspired ideas that might interest you.

Become fashion forward with Cannes

Every fine piece of jewellery worn at Cannes 2022 was an inspiration. The designers put up a fitting show for the comeback of Cannes after two years of the pandemic.

Here’s what the trends showed this year:

Layers: While single-string necklaces have always been popular (and this year was no exception), the most talked about pieces came from designer houses that had created pieces with multiple rows and strings of diamonds and stones.

Pascale Arbillot wore a modern adaptation of the Lariat necklace. The strings looked almost like a tie-knot, accompanied by a flowing drop style. Deepika looked riveting in her three-stringed diamond necklace with a statement rock pendant. Countless others also managed to create a similar effect with their pieces.

Hues: Colours remained the mainstay this year at Cannes. Julia Roberts chose a large yellow diamond (supposedly over 100 carats!) and completed it with a single-stringed necklace. Anne Hathway carried an intricate diamond necklace with a giant blue sapphire. The sapphire elegantly offset the brilliance of the diamonds. Deepika opted for a medley of earthy, vibrant Indian stones and Kundan work. She contrasted her elaborate jewellery with a modern western outfit.

Versatility: This was perhaps the biggest standout at the festival. Apart from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, some very unusual pieces stood out for their interpretation and style. Katherine Langford’s necklace tops the list. Her single-string diamond necklace was almost choker-style and hung close to her neckline. A tiny, almost insignificant diamond cluster made for a pendant at the front. The back of the necklace had a more generous pendant with a medley of diamonds, with a statement green stone at the centre. Diamond danglers completed the look.

Deepika’s matha-patti made with coloured stones, Amanda Petit’s diamond headband choker, and Elle Fanning’s diamond hair clip are other accessories that caught the attention of the viewers.

  • Metals: At Cannes, 2022, several stars and designer houses displayed pieces dominated by metal. Caro Daur chose a Tiffany chain design for her danglers. Chriselle Lim carried a collar neckpiece in bright gold with accents, playing again with a chain-like pattern. Viola Davis went bold in earrings that matched her pink outfit, complete with gold embellishments.
fine diamond jewellery
A vibrant Coral and Polki necklace, embellished with enticing Emeralds and Pearls

Design your own jewellery with Santram’s

Jewellery designs at Cannes have always had a luxurious appeal. The brilliance of such fine jewellery comes mainly from intricate, fine craftsmanship. It takes creative genius and brilliant workmanship to conceptualise, design and execute such nuanced styles.

The best jewellery stores have the skill to use the right stones, styles and metals to create unique pieces. At Santram‘s, we have an expert understanding of finesse to ensure that every cut, colour, and stone is a celebrated hero in your collection. Our master artisans help us make the best jewellery in Chandigarh. They have honed their art through decades of practice and passion.

If you have a design in mind, we can craft it into a novel piece for you. Visit our store or contact us to learn how we can bring your dream piece of jewellery to life.

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